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OK, you’ve thought about it for long enough, you’ve made up your mind, you’re determined to take the plunge and train for a career as a professional driving instructor. Great! So, what next? Where do you start?

The decision you make at this stage could be the most important decision of your career, where do you go for training? Do you go with a national company or do you choose a local training provider?

Well, you could be tempted into thinking that bigger means better, but don’t be fooled by slick advertising campaigns, fancy language and outlandish claims about industry leading pass rates. Don’t be persuaded to sign up to long term contracts which make many promises but no guarantees. Don’t be fooled by the promise of a guaranteed pass, there is no such thing! Most of all, don’t be bullied or persuaded to part with your money until you’ve taken time to do your research.

Don’t worry, help is at handJohn O'Leary

So now the good news! John O’Leary is a well known and well respected figure in the driver training and testing profession. He is known for his honesty, his integrity and his reliability. Read about his achievements here.

Choosing John O'Leary as your training provider will give you the confidence that the training you receive will be the best available in the industry. Safe in the knowledge that John has not only had a distinguished career with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) but has subsequently trained literally hundreds of driving instructors. His success comes not only from his knowledge and expertise but also from hard work and dedication. Becoming a driving instructor requires a big commitment from both trainer and trainee. John hasn’t lost any of his enthusiasm for his role over the years and treats every student as an individual.

Your training will be provided on a 1to1 basis so that you’ll receive full attention to your needs throughout the training sessions. You won’t just be thrown in the back of the car for half the session as you would be with those who provide training using a ratio of 2 students to 1 trainer.

Why pay the full fees but only receive half the training?

Our training fees are very competitive and the good news is that you don’t have to pay upfront, although you can if you wish. Many of our customers take advantage of our pay as you go service, so you only pay for each practical training session as you receive it. This means that you can walk away at any time if you feel our service is less than you expect. Can you do that with the big nationals?

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